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Your Pet Industry Partner in Creating Professional, Fun, Affordable, Effective Programs and Products for You, Your Business & Your Employees. 

DogNostics Career Center is a complete pet professional resource offering a selection of dog training and behavior certificates, diplomas and individual certification courses to support pet industry professional development.

Alongside these core products and in-depth programs, we also offer business development resources, instructor certification programs, grab & go class and workshop curriculums, events and webinars, to help you grow your business!

Our programs provide for competent skill  development and a considerable depth of knowledge.  Both skills and knowledge are tested to a high criterion in each program, though online tests and video submissions.

Our programs start as soon as you are enrolled. You do not have to attend classes at a physical location but can study from the comfort of your home

The DogNostics Career Center Facility & Upcoming Events & Webinars

We Are Moving Onto a Brand New Student Platform - Ensuring your experience is second to none!  Click here to view these courses that have moved and to get a sneek peek at our new student website. 

  1. Dog Training Certificate Program. Available on monthly terms
  2. Fun Scent Games Instructor Certification - Level One
  3. Fun Scent Games Instructor Certification - Level Two
  4. Dog Bite Prevention Educator - Certification
  5. Sensory Tools & Body Wraps
  6. Pet First Aid Certification
  7. Fostering Collaborative Care Partner Program
  8. Collaborative Care Instructor Certification

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