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A New Service For Your Business – 

Take the program, become a Collaborative Care  partner and then offer the curriculum through  your Group Classes, Board-n -Train Programs or Private Lessons. You can even host a workshop!  

How To Become a DogNostics  Collaborative Care Partner

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This short course is ideal for trainers, veterinary technicians, shelter workers, groomers, kennel staff, doggy day-care workers, pet sitters, dog walkers and other pet care providers. 

Your PDF Explaining the full certification requirements

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Pet Professionals
      • Register for the program
      • In your own time, on your own schedule, listen to two and a half hours of Collaborative Care Presentations 
      • Take an online multiple-choice test comprised of twenty questions 
      • Submit four thirty second videos for review
      • Receive your Collaborative Care Partner certificate and logo!

      Why Become a Collaborative Care Partner 

           Upon Successful Completion You Will Earn

      • Your DogNostics Collaborative Care Partner Certificate  
      • The right to the post-nominal title DogNostics Collaborative Care Partner, DN-CCP
      • DogNostics Collaborative Care Partner Licensed Presenter Agreement  
      • DogNostics Collaborative Care Partner Logo/Badge to publish on your website
      • DogNostics Career Center will maintain a list of registered DogNostics Collaborative Care Partner Licensees on a public web page with links to the Licensees’ web sites.  

      Certification Requirements

      •  Pass a graded open book test consisting of 20 questions
      •  Submit four 30-second videos for review. Please see full requirements for the practical skill assessments below.

      Please note: All applicants must sign the Licensed Presenter Agreement Form. 

      *TIME LIMIT:  Applicants have six months from the time of purchase, to pass the online test and submit their video assessments.  Submissions after the 6-month deadline will be subject to an additional fee of $50.00 

      Practical skill Assessment

      On passing a graded open book test consisting of 20 questions, applicant will submit four short video assessments. All Video Submissions will be made via the DogNostics Fostering Collaborative Care Partner submission form. 

      "You will receive a three page document giving specific details regarding your video submission requirements"

      PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for evidence that the pet happily collaborates and that there are no signs of fear, stress or anxiety.  The pet is free to disengage at any time.    

      Video Assessment Policy

      Please note:  All video submissions should be assessment ready. (Submission One - Included in purchase price)

      You will be allowed one re-submission should your assessment video not meet the requirements.  (One re-submission  - included in purchase price)

      All further re-submissions will require an additional payment of $20.00 per submission up to a total of four submissions.  (Submissions Three and Four $20.00 per submission)

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      DogNostics is the sister company to and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. 

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