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Mastering Fun & Increasing Your Team Knowledge and Skills!

07 Aug 2017 9:53 AM | Louise Stapleton-Frappell (Administrator)

How important is it to teach your canine companion what you would like them to do so that you can live a happy life together?

At DogNostics Career Center, we believe it is extremely important but what is even more essential is that you teach in a way that doesn’t cause any stress; that you teach in a way that is fun for both teacher and student; that you teach in such a way that each ‘lesson’ is easy to understand; that you teach in a way that not only encourages learning but enhances it and that you teach in a way that makes all learning feel like a game!

We also maintain that in order to successfully teach any companion animal, you need to understand animal learning theory – you need a good foundation of the knowledge and skills that underpin science based, rewards based, force-free training!

Whether you are looking to reduce unwanted behaviors; would love your pet to learn some cool tricks; need some effective management strategies; would like to expand your class curriculum or want to know how to teach your buddy to walk on a loose leash, the philosophy behind all of your interactions with the pets in your care should be the same:  A philosophy based on our belief that we do not need to punish our companions in order for them to learn – a philosophy based on the latest scientific research!

We are not implying that you need to be a scientist in order to teach or care for a pet and we are not implying that you need to study all the latest literature.  We are not even implying that you need to ‘master’ every single ‘positive’ training strategy that is available for you to use.  We do, however, believe that you should have a foundation of knowledge and skills.

Misinformation abounds about the ‘best’ ways to ‘train’ a dog.  The access to information has never been easier.  Unfortunately, much of the information available isn’t based in fact and worst still, a lot of it could prove extremely detrimental to a pet’s physical and mental well-being and the relationship you share with each other.  You only have to read some of the posts on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media to be inundated with ‘advice’ on how to deal with a specific problem or how to teach a specific behavior.  Do a search on the internet and you will, without doubt, find the answer you are looking for or will you?  You may think that you have the answer but, if you don’t have at least a basic understanding of learning theory, how will you know that the answer is the right one?

There are many ways to teach a behavior but not all of them are going to promote a healthy, happy bond for you and your canine companion.  Not all of them are going to be in the pet’s best interest.  What appears to be a ‘quick fix’ may be anything but when the consequences of your ‘teaching’ methods resurge at a later date.

Whether you are a pet dog guardian who is interested in learning how to teach your pet or you are a trainer who would like to improve your skills and knowledge and perhaps introduce a new ‘trick’ or  'manners’ program to your training curriculum, you should consider enrolling on the DogNostics Dog Training Certificate course. This is a comprehensive force-free dog training program that will give you the knowledge and the skill-set you need to teach your dog, or your clients, everything they need to know!  The program is suitable for beginners, seasoned trainers and other pet industry professionals.

If you would like to continue your studies and become a Dog Behavior Consultant then the DogNostics Dog Behavior Practioner Program focuses on both the theory of dog training, associative and non-associative learning and the necessary mechanical skills to be a competent and ethical professional.

DogNostics also offers a host of individual programs to suit everyone's needs.  Why not Learn to Speak Dog; become a Fun Scent Games Instructor; earn your TrickMeister Title; become a Certified Pet Care Technician, or simply sit down and watch an individual webinar?

The money you spend now will put you on the right path for all your learning and interactions with the pets in your care.  It could even increase your business’s future revenue!


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