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We are a complete pet professional career center offering a selection of dog training and behavior certificates, diplomas and individual certification courses to support your professional development. 

Alongside these programs we also offer business development products, and grab & go workshops to help you grow your business too.   

Professional, Fun, Affordable and Effective Programs and Products for You, Your Business and Your Employees.

DogNostics Industry & Client Testimonials

BusinesSMARTS Testimonials

Angelica Steinker. 

Owner Courteous Canine Inc & The DogSmith of Tampa  M.Ed., CAP2, CDBC, PDBC, NADOI -certified

Niki is not just an ethical and outstanding dog behavior consultant she is a genius at business, a combination we have not seen in the pet care industry. Many coaches can identify business problem-- you need more clients, more revenue, more marketing--- but only Niki actually helped me address and fix my business problems, in a way that enables me to actually have a life and avoid burnout.

Whatever your dream, Niki's coaching and hard work can take you there, even if you thought it wasn't possible. If you want to take your part-time dog training business full time, walk don't run to hire Niki as your coach.  If you want to realize your dream and start working as a dog trainer, Niki has all the secrets on how to do it. Niki is a master business owner who deeply understands the pet care industry and knows how to help you achieve your goals.  If you own a pet care business and you have not hired Niki, you are losing out tremendously.

Niki's coaching not only helps you operate your business more efficiently she helps you to establish an exit strategy so you have something to retire.  

Leah Roberts

Dog Willing, Positive Training Solutions

“I have had the privilege of working on several business projects with Niki Tudge, and she amazes me. Not only is she kind, compassionate, and down-to-earth, but she is a powerhouse of focused energy and clear direction. No matter how discouraged I may become about a glitch in the process, I come away from a session with Niki with renewed enthusiasm and optimism. She is a master motivator! I am convinced that Niki is not one person, but several clones, each one capable of great accomplishments. Her business knowledge and skills are unmatched" January 2013

Craig P. Muller

Promotional Products & Logo’ d Apparel, Logos Your Way

“Niki is a skilled business woman, with the highest standards of ethics whether she is dealing with a vendor, a customer or colleagues.” November 7, 2009

Rachel Williams

Owner of The DogSmith palm beach county, The DogSmith  

“Niki is extremely knowledgeable at everything she is involved with. She is my mentor and I strive to one day be half as talented as she is. She is a professional dedicated, passionate person who's talents for dog training and her knowledge for the industry is unprecedented. I work close with Niki, her personality is always bubbly, and she is always full of encouragement.” December 8, 2009

Rick Ingram

Owner, Critter Care Services  

“Niki has the incredible ability, which is - I believe - unique to the industry, to combine her exceptional skills and experience teaching professionals how to train staff, with her customer service attitude and eye for excellence gained from her years as an executive manager of international luxury hotels, with her passion and talent for animal training. And she combines all of this with her impressive and solid academic foundation in business and animal learning theory to create dog training and dog owner training methods that are scientifically based, effective and above all else, do no harm.” November 4, 2009

Candy Lucas

Spa Director, The Fairmont Orchid

“Niki is fair, well respected, an excellent trainer, a mentor, and takes a genuine interest in others career advancement. Niki is very detailed, very results-driven, and is a strategic planner.” November 4, 2009  

Donna Kimura

Marketing Communications Manager, The Orchid at Mauna Lani

“In my 23+ years in the hospitality industry, I can honestly say that Niki is one of the most organized and professional individuals I've known. Attending her meetings were a pleasure - they were always efficient, effective, team-inspiring, on-schedule, and fun. She will always succeed - no matter what she does - she is driven and encourages/empowers those around her. She is a leader.” November 5, 2009

Pete Hulse

Owner, Pet Butler of Central Ohio

“Niki is honest, intelligent, reliable and hardworking. Surely that's enough to keep her at the top of the list of people with whom I've enjoyed working. There's more. She's also kind, generous and supportive. She has a flexible mind and the strength to stand her ground. I step up and do better when we work together and it's always worth the effort.” November 5, 2009

Christina Horne

Operations Manager, Humane Society of Bay County

“Niki maintains a delicate balance between being a visionary with high level goals and effectively implementing concrete strategies on an operational level. Her professional courtesy has resulted in a reputation that preceeds her in the many circles she works in, and is an invaluable contact for all interested.” July 8, 2009

Catherine Zehner

Owner, The DogSmith, Fl Emerald Coast

“Niki is an amazing businesswoman whose knowledge, drive and creativity is unparalleled in my work experience. As the owner of DogSmith Franchise Services, she is directly responsible for giving me the tools, training and confidence to start my own business - The DogSmith Emerald Coast franchise. She enjoys the process of putting people - especially other smart, driven women -- into business for themselves. Her best quality, in my estimation, is that she stakes herself personally and professionally in the success of her employees and business partners; their successes are her successes and failure is simply not an option. Her work ethic is extremely high, and her ethics beyond reproach. Her knowledge in areas of learning theory, animal husbandry and business matters, and personnel management is deep and broad. I consider it an honor to call Ms. Tudge a colleague and business partner.” October 27, 2009

Anne Springer, B.A., Dip., CTDI, CAPCT, VA

Charter Member, Steering Committee, Pet Professional Guild

“Niki is the driving force behind the Pet Professional Guild. Her vision is helping to promote force free training among professionals in all aspects of pet care, as well as among pet owners, who can join as supporting members. She is a business savvy, dedicated and competent professional who is working every day toward a world in which no one has to use fear or pain to train a canine companion. I am incredibly proud to be her colleague and to have been asked to contribute to this effort. I highly recommend her, both as a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, and as an advocate for the welfare of dogs.” February 28, 2012

Diane Garrod

Guild Certified Tellington Touch Practitioner (CA1), Bachelor of Science in Communication/minor Journalism, Expert in Aggression/Reactivity/Challenging dogs and home of the CED (Canine Emotional Detox); Owner Canine Transformations Learning Center (cTLC), Langley, Washington

If you're looking for force free coaching, Niki Tudge has set the industry standards. She is a passionate and compliant pioneer and DogNostics is proof of that quality. Niki has multiple certifications, training experience, and degrees. Reliable, distinguished, peer reviewed and respected, Niki Tudge is the best when it comes to eLearning and Business Coaching, solid webinars and protocols.


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