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A scientific appraoch while mastering your mechanics all guided by ethics!

Respondent Conditioning

Operant Conditioning

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Ready to Learn the Art, Craft and Science of Behavior Consulting & Teaching  Pet Owners How To Train Their Pets?

The Dog Behavior Diploma Program is currently being revised, updated and improved. The total price for this program is $3000

When we first launched this behavior program we did not have a comprehensive Dog Training Certificate, now we do, and it is a program we are very proud of.  So if you are interested in the Dog Behavior Diploma Program then go ahead and sign up for the Dog Training Certificate.  By the end of the first quarter in 2020 , there will be a Dog Behavior Consulting Elective Module to compliment the Dog Training Certificate. 

This elective module will contain all of the Behavior Modules, updated and revised, that were included in the previous Dog Behavior Consulting Diploma. 

Upon successful completion of both the Dog Training Certificate and the elective behavior modules you will be entitled to use the DN-DBC by your name

 Elective Dog Behavior Modules

  1. Conducting a Functional Assessment
  2. Private Training Consultations - Teaching People Skills 
  3. The Science and Application of Respondent Conditioning
  4. Counter Conditioning & Desensitization Protocols
  5. Understanding Dog Aggression & Dog Reactivity
  6. Understanding Canine Resource Guarding
  7. Teaching Others To Teach - On Task Skill Coaching

Module Descriptions
Functional Assessments

The approach and flow of behavior case management. making the case for the use of functional assessments in behavior change programs - One of the most important tools to a professional behavior consultant is understanding how the behavior interacts with the environment. Learn how to conduct a functional assessment by developing skills that ensure you can manage an informant interview, observe and measure problematic behavior and if necessary, conduct a functional analysis. Understand the importance of this key tool and its place in professional behavior change programs. For this module you will be provided with a copy of the book, People Training Skills for Pet Professionals - Your essential guide to engaging, educating and empowering your human clients. When you can functionally analyze behavior, you can effectively change it!

The Science and Application of  Respondent Conditioning

This module covers the science of respondent conditioning. Learn and understand reflexive behaviors, Increase your understanding of how respondent conditioning takes place and its application in dog training. Learn about emotional learning, conditioned emotional responses and the important role emotions play in behavior.

Counter Conditioning & Desensitization Protocols

With your increased knowledge of Respondent Conditioning understand how to construct counter conditioning programs and develop desensitization hierarchies to resolve common behavioral problems that are involuntarily elicited. This includes problematic conditioned emotional responses, high order conditioning and all respondent conditioning scientific principles.

Dog Aggression & Dog Reactivity

This Dog Aggression module focuses on canine aggression, understanding the different types of aggression and how to build behavior change programs to resolve aggressive behavior. It also covers understanding dog bite inhibition, bite thresholds and bite classification models.

Resource Guarding 

Resource guarding is a natural but troublesome canine behavior. Understand and identify the different types of resource guarding problems and when operant, respondent or a combination of both protocols is the most suitable protocol to effect a change in behavior.

Private Training Consultations

Learn the necessary skills to conduct effective private training consultations that build consensus around agreed upon behavior goals. This module covers communication skills, building consensus skills and achieving client commitment and compliance. Shaping client behavior is as important as our canine training methods This module also looks at experiential learning, the biology of learning, understanding your student and the teacher/trainer role. For this module you will need to purchase the book, People Training Skills for Pet Professionals. Your essential guide to engaging, educating and empowering your human clients.

On Task Skill Coaching

Much of a professional dog trainer’s role is teaching clients how to train their dogs. Training others to train is an important skill. This module teaches you how to be a good trainer and teacher. Make your training sessions empowering, fun, safe and effective learning environments. Learn how to break down skills and dissect your knowledge into a format that clients can understand and commit to memory. Learn about "APES" the approach, planning, environment and system that engages, educates and empowers your human clients. For this module you will need to purchase the book, People Training Skills for Pet Professionals. Your essential guide to engaging, educating and empowering your human clients

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