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Instructor Products

Workshop Programs

DogNostics provides  great programs for you to easily implement into your business. They include curriculum, handouts, videos. Everything you need to plan, manage and execute professional workshops. We are committed to helping you grow your business, your skills and your employees.

Instructor Certifications

If you would like to become a Licensed Certified Instructor for one of these programs then please choose that option when you purchase your product. What Does This Mean?.

To become a Certified Licensed Instructor you will need to

  1. Submit some short videos to show proficiency of the required skills. 
  2. Complete and pass an on-line open-book test to show a thorough  knowledge of the required knowledge
  3. Sign the DogNostics Instructor license  agreement. 

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DogNostics is the sister company to and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. 

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