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Learn To Speak Dog Certificate

 The "Speak Dog: Certificate Program 

Learn to "Speak Dog" so you can help educate your clients, friends and family on how to communicate with pet dogs. Speaking dog is a prerequisite for working in the pet industry. Whether you are a groomer, a pet sitter, dog walker or behavior professional there are components in this program that will help you in your work.  

Each part of the program contains a one hour webinar and written and or short video homework assignments. In part three you will be expected to pass an open-book multiple choice test. Each applicant has 12 months to complete this program.  Click here for more information. Once you are "Speak Dog" certified you can then join Doggone safe as a Dog Bite Safety Educator!

Fun Scent Games  

This is Certification Program with three levels that are a tiered program. 

Level 1 will be a prerequisite for Level 2 & 3. You do not need to enroll in more advanced levels.  Click on the link here to learn more about each program

TrickMeister Program

TrickMeister Titles are totally unique as they don’t just concentrate on the finished 'tricks', they judge how the behavior is trained and executed.  The TrickMeister team titles put the handler’s training skills to the test!  Checkout the entire program here

Pet Care Technician Certifications

At DogNostics we recognize that as a business owner to expand and grow your business you need to develop new skills and knowledge and recruit, train and manage high quality employees. Investing in your business and your employee education is a wise decision. Employing "Certified Pet Care Professionals" will make your company stand out as a more attractive service provider to the discerning pet owner.  Choose an affordable program that will help expand your knowledge, train and develop your employees and allow you to expand your service offerings, strengthen your client loyalty and generate more income.  Select Pet Care Technician Level One or Pet Care Technician Level 2

Individual Webinars & Workshops

DogNostics offers a selection of webinars for you to choose from across several disciplines. Click here to learn more. We also host several workshops each year where you can learn hands on skills with industry professionals. 

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DogNostics is the sister company to and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. 

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