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We are a complete pet professional career center offering a selection of dog training and behavior certificates, diplomas and individual certification courses to support your professional development. 

Alongside these programs we also offer business development products, and grab & go workshops to help you grow your business too.   

Professional, Fun, Affordable and Effective Programs and Products for You, Your Business and Your Employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I join The DogSmith Dog Training & Pet Care company?

    There are literally dozens of reasons to join The DogSmith Dog Training & Pet Care company. For starters, opening your own DogSmith dog training and pet care business allows you to capitalize on the leading Dog Training & Pet Care business model in the United States. Or if you are an existing pet professional then licensing our service bundles is a fast and efficient way to broaden your service offerings. If you're looking for a national company providing a unique opportunity in a recession-resistant multi-billion dollar industry, then this is it. The DogSmith provides you with the perfect opportunity to abandon your cubicle and join other entrepreneurs doing what you love for a living. The DogSmith leadership team has over 40 years of business management experience committed to supporting you in pursuit of your goals.

    With The DogSmith you will be part of a dynamic team of professionals where you will learn not only to be a dog trainer and canine behavior consultant but you will also learn how to operate a comprehensive pet care business. As a DogSmith you will have access to the most progressive training methods, class curriculum, behavior analysis tool kits, an extensive online knowledge base and our ongoing education and support systems. Our DogSmith system also provides a proprietary marketing system, DogSmith Brand Standards manual, proprietary marketing collateral and assistance with sales, training and financial management. One of the most valuable aspects of joining The DogSmith is you will have access to our registered marks, logos, and tag lines. You will be provided with proprietary operational and business systems, methods, software and programs at shared costs which greatly reduce your overhead expenses while giving you leading edge technical advantages over your competition.

    Other key advantages to the DogSmith is that your business is scalable so you will never be limited to being just self-employed. By optimizing the opportunities for multiple income streams and leveraging the resources of your employees and contractors you become a true business owner.

    Finally, by joining The DogSmith you hit the ground running avoiding the expensive and frustrating trial and error? period that most individual new businesses go through. From our strategic and tactical marketing plan to our start-up pack containing everything you need to begin marketing your business from the 'get go', you greatly minimize the cost and time between opening and profitability.

  2. How much capital do I need to invest into a DogSmith ?

    The initial cost depends on which components of The DogSmith you wish to license. The DogSmith is very affordable because we are so confident in the DogSmith system that we have taken a long-term view and don't believe that saddling a new business with a large debt is the best way to start or expand a business. In addition, to help more animal lovers start and succeed in their own business we have stretched the advanced training to coincide with a DogSmith's growing experience so you get the advanced training when you need it. Our advanced training is given via webinars, webcasts, teleconferences and short, intensive seminars at the DogSmith Training Center. Though many of these advanced programs are free to DogSmiths some may require a nominal fee to cover the costs of producing them. For the initial license fee you will get your own exclusive DogSmith territory, hours of Training delivered via webinars, teleconferences, email and webcasts, and our Business Acumen & Real Knowledge (BARK) prior to commencing your license training. BARK focuses on the administrative and logistical requirements of starting your own business and access to a variety of subscription services that, if purchasing on your own, would cost you many times what the cost to you will be as a DogSmith license. Toll free numbers, websites, email accounts, customer management software etc.). Your initial license fee also provides you with access to ongoing business, finance and marketing education and support via teleconferences, webinars & DogSmith webcasts in our knowledge base. Finally, we continue our support to DogSmith licensees through periodic DogSmith conventions and onsite training workshops. Any additional investment will depend on your personal situation and the way you structure your business.
  3. Is my License exclusive for my city?

    All licenses are granted an exclusive territory with an approximate population of 150,000 for Dog Training and 50,00 for Pet Care, Slumber Party Hosts and Kitty Smith services. The zip codes for your territory are carefully selected to ensure they are the best option for you given where you are located.
  4. What resources are available to me once I open my License?

    Once you've opened your DogSmith business you have access to all of the information you will need to make your business a success, from business operations to advanced animal learning theory and behavior. Our extensive DogSmith Knowledge base contain a huge body of business and dog training information that is at your disposal 24/7. The DogSmith staff and your DogSmith colleagues also provide a broad and deep body of professional knowledge and experience. They are always available to consult with you on any business, dog training, behavior counseling or pet care support you may need. We also have the technology in place to optimize your time and energy to increase your productivity. These systems include our zip code driven website and toll free number system, an online store for purchasing marketing and operational supplies, preferred vendor agreements to help you keep expenses down and profitability up, accountability teleconferences to help you stay on track with your marketing and business growth, periodic dog training and pet care workshops, monthly informational newsletter, proprietary tool kits that provide information packages on all aspects of your business, scheduled training webcasts, cooperative advertising agreements to give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck and internet based customer relationship management and reservation software.

    We also provide you with a copy of our strategic marketing plan and tactical marketing calendar. The Marketing plan is reviewed and updated annually to ensure we stay ahead of our competition. The DogSmith provides ongoing support in training, via 2 monthly operational teleconferences, ongoing educational webinars, monthly accountability calls (weekly for the first three months after your training), annual onsite workshops, peer group support, business coaching, and phone and email support as you need. You will also be provided with purchasing and fulfillment support for your promotional needs and to make sure you stay current with business 'best practices' you will have access to ongoing and advanced business and animal training education.

    The backbone of our commitment to keep DogSmith professionals at the cutting edge of the dynamic dog training industry is our continuing education program and our ongoing business coaching and support
  5. How long does it take to become a DogSmith License?

    Depending on which license you purchase and whether you are option 1 or option 2 will determine your training commitment.
  6. What types of revenue streams will I have with my DogSmith License?

    This depends on which service bundles you license
  7. Can I apply for a License online?

    The initial request for information can be submitted on line.
  8. What are the steps to becoming a DogSmith?

    The DogSmith steps are detailed here
  9. Do you offer financing?

    The DogSmith offers limited financing to qualified candidates.
  10. What are the monthly License fees?

    The monthly license fees depend on which license you purchase.
  11. How do I find a location?

    When starting a business with The DogSmith, our team will help you select a location and determine its suitability.
  12. How long is the training?

    The training is determined by which license you purchase and whether you are an existing pet professional or a newbie.

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