Live webinars

    • 10 Dec 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

    with Niki Tudge

    Join Niki Tudge for this one hour webinar on how and why your business should meet these basic branding challenges !

    Branding your business is a very important part of your marketing plan. Your website address should be selected carefully so it is easy to remember, helps identity what you do and is a tangible part of your brand. Your email address should be the name of your business or your website,. Polish your image by having your own branded email address 

    Set up your email through a system such as google or outlook so you can access your calendar, email, contacts and tasks across all your devices.

    Ensure your email signature is a sales tool and looks professional when you communicate with clients

    Learn how to

    1. Buy a unique domain name for your business and forward it to your website. 
    2. Set up a unique email address with your domain name
    3. Set up a catchall email address so you never loose an email that has an incorrect address on it.
    4. Set up your new email in either Google or Outlook
    5. Set up your email signature 
    6. Set up multiple email addresses for different areas of your business at no charge!

     Student Registration Options

    Option One - Learn the Knowledge & Skills. Enjoy the Webinar and learn  about the theory and practical application of basic branding

    Option TwoLearn the knowledge and develop your skills. You watch the webinar & Learn the theory and practical application of basic branding and then schedule a 30 minute call to help you complete the practical exercises 

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