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Niki Tudge -

The Great Things People Are Saying ..

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Testimonials From Workshops and Seminars

  • Niki Tudge is so positive you know you can learn and do the training
  • The instructor was very good and never made us think a task was impossible.
  • DogSmiths have a calm manner; their instruction is clean and concise.
  • The instructor's attitude and how she was upbeat all the time
  • "Always positive - always an effort to laugh, have fun, keep a light atmosphere."
  • It is obvious that DogSmith Dog Trainers are trained how to teach people as well as train dogs.
  • We really like your classes and appreciate your wise and loving way with dogs."
  • "We have been extremely pleased with the progress Sacha has made even with just two classes. She is behaving much better on the leash, and I think we've got the 'sit,' 'down' and 'come' commands down. I can't believe how much easier she has been since we started using your methods!"
  • "I would like to thank you for making Gizzy's and my class experience a positive one. Your thoughtfulness and professionalism turned a very upset, stressed, crabby puppy into a happy tail wagging 'this is really fun' one."
  • "DogSmith's are awesome instructors - clear, concise, personable and inventive."
  • "Excellent class! We had fun, were motivated to learn and learned new skills."
  • "My expectations for this class were met, and exceeded!"
  • "Thanks for all of your advice, support and encouragement working with my dog-reactive dog!"
  • "I was provided many useful tools and techniques to use at home to continue training my puppy."
  • "Great coaching on how to handle my dog - thanks!"
  • "We really enjoyed coming every week!"
  • Niki Tudge was professional, fun and loving with the dogs and owners.
  • Niki Tudge is a great teacher and trainer
  • Niki Tudge is very patient and good with all the dogs. Also, she was very supportive of my 11 year old son and knew how to communicate with him to get the training done." I want to come back for the next class!"
  • Niki Tudge is Very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly.
  • Niki Tudge is well-organized which impacts the effectiveness of the classes
  • Niki Tudge is fantastic!
  • I came to class expecting some fuzzy stuff, I'm very impressed!"
  • DogSmith Classes are great.
  • DogSmith Classes seem to attract great dogs, great people, they are a great

Dog Training & Behavior  Testimonials

Niki Tudge is a great trainer, she not only teaches the dogs but spends most of her time teaching us, as she always says there are no bad dogs just poorly prepared handlers. We completed not only the puppy class but also the Pet Dog Class, we have been delighted by our results. Niki knows how to balance the theory with giving owners enough skills to as she says Get the job done!
Thanks Niki,

Georgina K
Panama City Florida

Sam, my then 7 month old Labradoodle, attended a CGC class conducted by Niki Tudge in July/August, 2007. We were most impressed with the comprehensive approach that Niki took in this training – particularly the soft, non-violent techniques – that resulted in a happy and well-socialized dog who likes to train and be around people and other dogs. As a result of this training, we passed the Canine Good Citizen test and are now working to ultimately qualify for therapy work.

Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Niki thank you so much for your time working with Henry. Your MRT program has really worked. He is now a much calmer and more contented dog. Your methods were so easy and non-confrontational. He picked up the skills really quickly. Glad to say, no more growing and he is now allowed back on the furniture as he is happy to share it.

Susan B
Shalimar Florida

Rocky, my 6 yr old English Springer Spaniel, & I have attended several obedience classes throughout his life-it is a good refresher for me & we both enjoy it but I especially enjoyed Niki Tudge's class because of her insights and approach as behaviorist. Also, I really liked that the dogs got the chance to play together while she provided the owners guidance regarding their behavior.

Janet F
Santa Rosa Beach Fl

Niki, thank you for helping with our dogs aggression problem towards my husband. It had never occurred to us that we were making matters worse by the way we were treating the dog. Jim can now pet Jake without fear of being snapped at. We really enjoyed the training and so did Jake.

Chris B
Miramar Beach

Niki, Jessie is now coming in and going out through the dog door like its the gateway to heaven. Thank you for your advise on the telephone it really helped

E Wood

My partner and I adopted what we thought was an aggressive dog with a major biting problem. Following a mixture of "neighborly advice" and antiquated training methods, we had no luck at all in gaining trust, fostering respect or enforcing good behaviors. Thank God for Niki Tudge. She came in and immediately did a thorough consultation with us, the humans. Over the next few weeks, she helped us to understand him better and she even worked with our first dog. Not only did the exercise schedule that Niki prescribe help us but also strengthened our dog-human bond as we trained. To make a long story short, we now have a loving relationship with both of our dogs and are able to have guests over without fearing for their appendages

Leslie E

My Great Dane Dog's philosophy on life was 'my way or the highway' and weighing in at 120 lbs, he pretty well got his own way. He was out of control on a walk. The moment he spotted another dog, he would lunge, front paws off the ground, trying to attack the other dog. I was completely unable to restrain him and as a result, could no longer walk him. He was always left at home and the more he was couped up and under-exercised, the cagier he got. Enter Niki Tudge from The DogSmith after 5 sessions the balance of power was completely shifted. Niki Tudge taught me ways of establishing control and diverting my dog from bad behavior. He is now a completely different dog on a walk. He is able to ignore other dogs, or when appropriate, greet them without attacking them! The crowning achievement was a beautiful afternoon we spent out at Walk in the Park in Hawaii with a hundred other dogs. My dog rested peacefully at my feet, calm and under control. I couldn't believe it was the same dog. His behavior is completely different. I could not believe that a few sessions could make such a difference but they did.

Sheila M

What really works for me about Niki's training philosophy is that it's rooted in positive reinforcement and good communication. The training techniques and solutions that Niki presented all struck me being obviously right. They hadn't been obvious to me before, but as I learned fundamental principles about training my dogs and reading their signals, I learned how to train a variety of behaviors beyond what we practiced in class.

C. Wolf
Oxford MS

Niki's pet dog obedience classes are good fun for dogs and owners. Harry loved school so much that I regularly had to carry him out because he wasn't ready to leave. Once, he sat in his kennel in the back of my car for over an hour after we got home - hoping I guess that we'd go back.

R. Devoe
Oxford MS

I had been looking into obedience training all along, and in May, I finally found a class that worked for my schedule. I am thankful that I happened to find the right trainer. Niki Tudge is knowledgeable, personable, accessible, and a very generous resource for all dog-related questions.

Becky Strawbridge
Oxford MS

I received your "thank you" postcard this week as a result of my dog Buddy's recent stay at your resort and thought I owed you an email. I know how seldom we business owners get positive feedback, it seems the only people willing to take the time to give feedback are those who are dissatisfied with something, but my experience was so positive that I felt I owed it to you to let you know.

I found your resort on the Internet and so assumed it would be just another boarding facility. Wow was I wrong. Your staff was professional but still warm and helpful. I was surprised at how comfortable I was when I left my dog. This feeling was reinforced when I found out that I had to leave Buddy longer than I had anticipated. The people I dealt with were sympathetic and understanding, making me feel that I didn't have to worry about my pet. And this feeling was confirmed when I finally came to pick Buddy up. He was happy and healthy (and clean and obviously fed). It meant a lot to me that I could trust you and your staff with my pet as I was dealing with the stress of a move. Thank you, and please let your staff know how much I appreciated their efforts.

A Pittman
Oxford MS

It works! Our relationship with our dog has changed so much. Isla (our lab mix) is genially happy, she listens and wants to be around us. We communicate a lot better with her and she has a great understand of what is right and wrong. Isla has excellent leash manners, no more pulling and running amuck. We are very happy with the results and would recommend this to any new dog owner. Rebekah is awesome and really listens to what you want out of training.

Oxford, MS

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