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 Program Modules

The Dog Behavior Consultant Diploma includes the following modules 

Section 1

 Business Tool-Kits - Optional not required for certification

 101 Product and Service Management 
 102 Business Marketing
 103 Small Business Selling Skills
 104 Public Relations Tools
 105 Google for Small Businesses
 106 Facebook for Small Businesses
 107An Overview of Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin
    Section 2 Pet Care Tool-Kits

 201 Canine & Feline Anatomy and Physiology
 202 Canine & Feline Health and Handling
 203 Pet First Aid Certification Program
 204 Caring For pets - Protocols and Procedures
 205 Pet Care Tools, Equipment, Toys & Supplies
Section 3 Dog Training Tool-Kits

 301 Canine Ethology & Development
 302 Canine Behavior & Social Communication
 303 Learning Theory - Operant Conditioning
 304 Learning Theory - Respondent Conditioning
 305 Shaping & Differential Reinforcement
 306 Key Behavior Skills, Acquisition, Fluency, Generalization & Maintenance 
 307 Dog Training Methods & Mechanics
 308 Reinforcement Types and Schedules
Section 4 Dog Behavior Tool-Kits
 309 Counter Conditioning & Desensitization Protocols
 310 Conducting a Functional Assessment
 314 Understanding Dog Aggression & Dog Reactivity
 315 Understanding Canine Resource Guarding
 Section 5People Teaching Skills

 311Private Training Consultations - Teaching People Skills
 312Teaching Others To Teach - On Task Skill Coaching
 313Conducting Safe & Productive  Group Training Classes

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