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Each course builds on the previous level to strengthen the knowledge, skills and abilities of dogs, guardians and trainers.

Three Programs - One Certificate

 Course One: Apprentice   Course Two: Journeyman   Course Three:  Master

The Benefits of the DogNostics Dog Training Program

  • Learn all the skills you need to teach a pet dog.
  • Increase your understanding of the science behind the training.
  • Learn how to break behaviors down into achievable steps and set your learner up for success.
  • Increase the bond you share with your pet.
  • Increase your knowledge of force-free training.
  • Learn how to make all your training fun.
  • Learn how to incorporate your new found knowledge and skills into every moment you share with your pet.
  • Increase your business revenue by putting your increased knowledge and skills to good use!

The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate Program inspires creativity and will lead to increased confidence for both pets, guardians and instructors!  

Learn the art, craft and science of dog training, rising through the levels until you reach the goal and become a Master Craftsman!

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Which Course Should I Start With?

Each level is a stand-alone course but teaches all the knowledge and skills you will need for the subsequent level.  The courses are all purchased individually.

  1. Just starting out or already have a good understanding of force-free training but want to improve your skills and add to your knowledge?   Begin with the Apprentice course before progressing to the Journeyman and Master!  The Apprentice course is structured in such a way that new trainers will be able to build their skills and knowledge but it also includes lots of information that will expand the knowledge base and skill-set of professionals who are already well-established in their chosen career! 
  2. Have a good understanding of force-free training but want to perfect your skills and add to your knowledge?  Begin with the Apprentice or with the Journeyman and follow on with the Master!  The Journeyman course follows on from the Apprentice course building on the strong foundations acquired at the previous level.
  3. An experienced trainer?  The Master course may be the one for you but remember, even the Apprentice course is suitable for experienced trainers!

What TrainingMeister isn't:  The Training Meister program is not just a series of trick courses.

What Training Meister is:  Training Meister is a comprehensive online force-free training program!

Click here to download a supplemental document outlining the courses and their individual content

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Who Can Take the Training Meister Courses?

The courses are open to all pet dog/companion animal guardians and to instructors.  All course attendees must agree to abide by The Pet Professional Guild’s Guiding Principles.  For more information on the PPG's Guiding Principles, please click here                                                  

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DogNostics is the sister company to and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. 

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