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Documents to read

Here is a good document that speaks to what service product are. Please read this prior to our first meeting on March 5th 2018. 

Your Month One Webinar

We are going to talk about your current service  products and how we can develop them to leverage your individual strengths and meet your community needs. 

For this you will need to complete the two blueprint documents. 

Your  first webinar is on March 5th at 1:00 p.m. ET. You can access it here 

Post Webinar Documents 

These documents will be available to you after the webinar. Simply click on the graphic to download the recording and the PowerPoint Notes

Welcome to Month One of Your Small Business Development & Accountability Mentoring

This is a sample page from our BusinesSMARTS partner area. 

When you register for BusinesSMARTS you gain immediate access

Together over the next 6 months we are going to work on growing your business by identifying areas of opportunity and leveraging your individual strengths within those opportunities.  We are going to have fun while we learn and grow. 

We are not going to embark on developing plans and programs that you will find aversive or uncomfortable,  this is your business and it's your passion. We are going to help you leverage that so you create a sustainable business you are passionate to work in and on each day!

Homework Assignment

Your Month One Blue Print Documents & Work Assignments

  1. Your current service products
  2. Identifying your strengths 
  3. Schedule your accountability call with Niki Tudge

Assignment #1

Contact Niki Tudge to schedule your 30 minute accountability call

Assignment #2

Please complete the following assignment. 

  • Identify your current service products so we can analyse them. 
  • Identify your strengths so we can build a business around them

Documents to Complete 

    Please complete this template of your current service products  so we can begin to work on them together. 

Please complete this template where you will identify some of your strengths so we can work on leveraging them as we grow your business

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