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You Will Earn.

Your TrickMeister Title Certificate to download.

Your Training Partner Will Earn.

The following titles and the right to use the letters after their name

Apprentice:  DN-TMA

Journeyman:  DN-TMJ

Master:  DN-TMM


Download This Supplemental Guide To The TrickMeister Titles
This supplemental guide outlines all of the video requirements for each title level


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Video Submission Format

TrickMeister video submissions should be uploaded to YouTube as unlisted videos and the link shared with us via the online application form.

Video Assessment Cost

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Additional Information

  • TrickMeister is a team title—the same handler and dog must perform each trick together.
  • Video submissions must not exceed the stated time limit but can be shorter.
  • The videos must clearly demonstrate the required criteria.
  • We need to clearly hear/see the cue, the click/marker/bridging stimulus and the delivery of the reinforcer.
  • The video must not include music, unless otherwise stated.
  • The learner must be a willing and happy participant in the training.
  • The behaviors do not have to be performed on the same day.
  • You are free to use any dog you wish (it does not have to be your dog) but it must be the same dog throughout.  
  • Please make sure that you maintain a consistent standard of tricks.  If behaviors increase in speed, lose finesse or your training partner shows signs of fatigue or stress, your video submission will not be marked.
  • Options for reinforcers include both food and toys unless otherwise stated.

Please inform us if your dog has a disability and you are using alternative cues and/or markers or need us to alter the criteria in any way. 

 Video Submission Example

If you would like to see an example TrickMeister Title Video, please click here

We wish you all lots of success and look forward to seeing the results of your training and the amazing partnerships you share with your companion animals!  Remember to have lots of fun and be very proud of your achievements!         

Title Certification Criteria

To gain your TrickMeister Title you will need a pass grade of 85% or higher. 

Re-submission:  Applicants have six months to re-submit any criteria that did not meet the required level.  We allow one re-submission per paid application.  Application fees will not be refunded. 

If you wish to re-submit after the allotted time period, you will need to pay for a new application.

Additional Information 

Disabled/Senior Dogs/Handlers.

  • We encourage disabled dogs or handlers to participate in the TrickMeister Team Title program. 
  • Please let us know your requirements and we will work with you to adapt the criteria.  Please email us to request an adaptation to the program criteria                                                                                                      

Applicant Support

  • Access to the TrickMeister Closed Facebook group, where you can chat with your peers, discuss your progress, share your videos with each other and ask any questions you may have.  
  • Assessors will not comment on the videos or questions posed in this group but will oversee the group to make sure that everyone is abiding by PPG’s Guiding Principles. 
  • Applicants who feel they may lack knowledge or skills or need more mentoring should take the DogNostics  Apprentice, Journeyman and/or Master Dog Training Courses or the full DogNostics Dog Training Certificate Program


  • Video camera. 
  • Video-editing software
  • A YouTube account

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