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How Many Titles Are There?

There are three TrickMeister titles.  Each title builds on the previous level allowing dog and handler to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities.  The TrickMeister Titles include:

Apprentice  DN-TMA

Journeyman DN-TMJ

Master DN-TMM

The titles must be taken in order and you must have successfully gained the title for the previous level before applying for the title for the next level. 

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Who Can Apply to Earn TrickMeister Titles?

The titles are open to all pet dog/companion animal guardians and to instructors.  Applications for anyone under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  All applicants must agree to abide by The Pet Professional Guild’s Guiding Principles. For more information about The Pet Professional Guild's Guiding Principles, please click here.

TrickMeister Program

TrickMeister Titles are totally unique as they don’t just concentrate on the finished 'tricks', they judge how the behavior is trained and executed.  The TrickMeister team titles put the handler’s training skills to the test!  Checkout the entire program here


Become a TrickMeister - Achieve your Title Today!

We believe that everyone should know how to train their dog using science based, rewards based, force-free training.  The TrickMeister Titles let you show off both your skill-set and the incredible bond that you share with your training companion!



TrickMeister Titles are totally unique as they don’t just concentrate on the finished 'tricks', they judge how the behavior is trained and executed. TrickMeister tests the handler’s training “mechanics” and communication skills - the ability to clearly and appropriately cue, mark and reinforce behaviors - as well as the skills needed to teach behaviors using a range of different training methods.  TrickMeisters are expected to pay particular attention to their learner’s demeanor. TrickMeister Titles are only awarded when it is clear that the learner is a willing, enthusiastic partner in the training process!

The titles aim to encourage pet guardians and trainers to develop new skills, improve their training techniques and increase their knowledge, while having the best time possible!

The TrickMeister Titles aren’t just about tricks.  Many of the behaviors included are ones we believe every pet dog should know!  On passing the TrickMeister Title assessment, your companion will earn the right to use the following letters after his/her name: DN-TMA. DN-TMJ. DN-TMM.

 Download This Supplemental Guide To The TrickMeister Titles

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