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The Comprehensive Dog Training Course – 

Earn Your DogNostics Dog Training Certificate - DN-DTC

 Course One: Apprentice   Course Two: Journeyman   Course Three:  Master

Look at everything you will learn! 

Introducing The Program

Three Training Courses - Apprentice, Journeyman and Master !

The Program Overview

The DogNostics Dog Training program is a unique force-free dog training program that will give you the knowledge and the skill-set you need to teach your dog, or your clients, everything they need to know!  This is a comprehensive force-free dog training program that is suitable for both beginners, seasoned trainers and other pet industry professionals. The program focuses on both the theory of dog training and the necessary mechanical skills needed to be a competent and ethical professional. We firmly believe that all training should be fun but knowledge based.  We also believe in setting the learner up for success.  This applies both to our human learners and their canine buddies!  The DogNostics three-tiered dog training certificate program which will also help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to earn your PCT-A credential.

Industry Newbie or Pet Dog Guardian? There is no prior pet industry business experience necessary to commence this program. Professional Dog Trainer? The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate program will support and build on your existing knowledge of the science behind the training as well as strengthening your mechanical skills. You can even opt to take one of the individual courses rather than the whole program!

DogNostics Dog Training Philosophy

Manners/obedience, agility, rally, heelwork, freestyle, scent-work… Service dog, search & rescue dog, sniffer dog, guide dog, show dog, companion pet dog… Whatever the sport, job or task, we encompass all behaviors under the heading of “tricks”. Tricks can be lots of fun and yes, they are great for showing off your companion’s skills, but, more importantly, calling all behaviors tricks enables both guardians and their dogs to learn together in a fun environment that both inspires creativity and builds new skills, many of which can be put to good use in day to day life!

The DogNostics Dog Training program focuses on the learner/trainer bond, your skill-set and your knowledge. DogNostics trainers do not just focus on the goal behavior, they focus on happy learners, strong foundations and all the steps needed to successfully accomplish the desired behavior!

We believe that everyone should know how to train their pet using science based, rewards based, force-free training. You’ll never have more fun learning than when taking this exciting DogNostics Course!  You will also be learning in one of the most esteemed online colleges, mentored by pet industry leaders!

Program Method

The program theory and skills are covered in individual webinar modules in each of the three Dog Training courses - Apprentice, Journeyman and Master.  Each course consists of five modules that include the main webinar for that module, supportive documentation, e-learning videos and an assortment of fun homework assignments that allow you to practise your skills and test the knowledge you have gained.  Each module builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the previous modules and each course builds on the knowledge and skills from the previous course.  Please take the time to review the content included across the Dog Training Modules so you can understand the depth and breadth of this unrivaled Dog Training program

Continued Education Units


Apprentice:  PPAB,15.  IAABC,10. CCPDT,12.5., Journeyman: PPAB,15. IAABC,15. CCPDT, 10., Master:  PPAB,15. IAABC, 12.5. CCPDT, 7.5.

 The DogNostics Dog Training Certificate program isn’t just for dogs! 

It is an absolute must for learning how to teach any companion animal!

Are you ready to learn the art, craft and science of teaching and training?

Apprentice Course testimonial: "Signing up for TrickMeister is one of the smartest things I have done this year.  I am an instructor at a local dog training facility and teach trick classes... I have learned so much more about the science and mechanics of training.  They have totally inspired me to delve deeper into subjects I thought I knew. I feel TrickMeister has already made me a better trainer."  Sandra Lacroix

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