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Developed, designed and tested by accredited Dog Behavior Consultants, Louise Stapleton-Frappell and Niki Tudge

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Welcome to the DogNostics Walk This Way Program 

Three Walk This Way Workshop Options  

Options range from 4 hour sessions to planning 2 day workshops.  All the knowledge, skills and proofing games can also be used to create private training sessions and group curriculum. 

Help pets' in your community master this one important skill that can ensure a lifetime of  access to mental and physical stimulation! Read the Downward  Spiral of the Pet Dog here to grasp why loose leash walking can be vital for a dog. 

Early Adopter Testimonial: 

I love this program! Marie Popa Nolan– The Love of Dogs!

I've skimmed through most of the docs and printed a few things. I think this was a wise investmentI'm going to use it to form a private training program first that is just for walking nicely. I think my clients will like the idea of getting their problems solved while learning other skills. I'm loving the possibilities here! 

Roni Campbell – Walking With a Friend

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