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A New Service For Your Business – 

Take the program, become a Walk This Way Licensed Partner and then offer the curriculum through  your Group Classes, Board-n -Train Programs or Private Lessons. You can even host a workshop!  

The  "Walk This Way" Instructor Program 
& Trainer  Certification (2 products)

Add This Program to Your Business Services &/Or Choose The Option To Gain A New Credential!

How often do you think 

"I would love to  implement a new service into my business coverign the following skills (fill in the gap)" and then the reality of the work required sets in!

Tasks such as: the development of the curriculum, the time line, the practical exercises, the , the handouts, the marketing, the certificates, and the videos. 

Well here at DogNostics we have done all the work for you. 

The "Walk This Way" program is a complete professional trainer's program covering all the knowledge, skills and proofing games you need to implement this service into your business. It can be used for private training, group training, board n train clients or even as a workshop. 

Teaching a client to teach their dog to walk nicely is one of the skills  that is so often not fully mastered in a group class curriculum when trained alongside the other important pet dog skills such as come, stay, off, take, sit, down etc. 
Walking nicely is a life skill that when missing can significantly and negatively  impact the human-canine relationship resulting in fewer walks, less exercise and a decrease in social exposure for the dog. For this reason DogNostics developed the "Walk This Way" program to support you, supporting and educating clients and pet dogs in your community

Early Adopter Testimonial: 

I love this program! 

- Marie Popa Nolan– The Love of Dogs!

I've skimmed through most of the docs and printed a few things. I think this was a wise investmentI'm going to use it to form a private training program first that is just for walking nicely. I think my clients will like the idea of getting their problems solved while learning other skills. I'm loving the possibilities here!

- Roni Campbell – Walking With a Friend

 I have done several courses with these amazing guys, every one amazing, content is always on point, delivery superb and best of all the dog (learner) is always put first ... love it!
I have just completed the 'Walk this Way' instructors course, super course and really easy to teach to students, would highly recommend it.

- Lynn Stacey - Dog A.I.D. (Assistance In Disability)

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