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A New Service For Your Business – 

Take the program, become a Walk This Way Licensed Partner and then offer the curriculum through  your Group Classes, Board-n -Train Programs or Private Lessons. You can even host a workshop!  

The Walk This Way Comprehensive Skills, Knowledge and Proofing Program

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 What is Included:

Your 45-page Instructor Manual which includes:

  • Your group class plan complete with full introduction, 6-class schedule, knowledge sections and practical exercises
  • A bonus curriculum for a two-day workshop schedule which can be adjusted to meet your needs
  • Workshop verbiage for your attendees on safety & structure
  • 10 practical exercises with full instructions
  • 8 proofing games with full instructions 
  • 10 knowledge segments to help you improve your clients' understanding of why dogs pull and how we can prevent it
  • A section on how to market the program within your community
  • Recommended tools and equipment
  • Program advice on group size, layout and pricing
  • Graduation ceremony and certificate presentation
  • 6 x How to e-Learning videos

Your Presentation Tools:
  • A 70-minute MP4 recording of the Walk This Way Instructor Skills and Knowledge PowerPoint presentation 
  • A copy of your 31 slide PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file

Also included in program are:

  • 2 Editable PDF Client Attendance Certificate
  • A 4-page client knowledge handout
The Following DogNostics Handouts:
  • Teaching Your Dog to ‘Let’s Go’
  • Teaching Your Dog to Stand Politely On-Leash
  • Teaching an Alert Sound

Your Program Marketing:

  • 4 Social media graphics as a PDF and JPEG

Buy now, be training tomorrow!

The Comprehensive Walk This Way Skills, Knowledge & Proofing Games Program has been awarded CEUs: PPAB 4.5

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DogNostics is the sister company to and provides the key education for DogSmith Licensed professionals. 

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