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Pet Care Technician Certification

  • 10 Aug 2014
  • 1:00 PM
  • 31 Jul 2018
  • Recorded Event


  • Prepaid Registration
  • A pet care technician certification course that includes a Pet First Aid component.


Earn Your CPCT Level 1 Accreditation. 


This level one Pet Care Technician Certification program covers the following modules

203. Pet First Aid and Emergency Protocols -This is a very detailed module and covers in depth the many potential emergency situations you may, through first aid, need to manage prior to a pet in your care being attended to by a veterinarian Faculty Member Bethany Jordan (3 hours of webinars) Homework for certification is required


205. Pet Care Tools, Equipment, Toys & Supplies - A study of the pet care tools, equipment, supplies and toys that are available in today’s marketplace.  Learn how to identify appropriate equipment and how to use it safely – Faculty Member Angelica Steinker & Niki Tudge (1 hour of webinars) No homework is required


302. Canine Behavior & Social Communication - Learn the language of dogs. Understand the canine social behavior and communication system. Recognize distance increasing and distance decreasing behaviors. Understand social communication to be a behavior. Learn about affiliate and agonistic communication and passive and active appeasement behaviors. Understand dog bite inhibition and bite thresholds - Faculty Member Angelica Steinker (3 hours of webinars) No homework is required


Each module has homework requirements, short two minute mechanical skill videos to present and an open book online test to complete. A more details and advanced Pet Care Technician Program can be found here 

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